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  • Turn Your Book Into an Online Course

    Turn Your Book Into an Online Course

    Reach New Audiences. Enjoy a Whole New Revenue Stream.


  • Turn Your Book Into an Online Course

    Don't Just Read Books, Interact With Them

    Our online course platform is designed for maximum retention.



Hello and Welcome to Books To Courses!

We bring authors and learners together by providing a unique online learning platform designed and created by a professor who specializes in online learning.

If you are an author, our platform will help you to convert your books into online courses, allowing your important information to be delivered to readers in a way for maximum comprehension. At the same time, exposing your content to more people and possibily providing you with a significant revenue stream.

If you are a learner who realizes that too much of the information you read in books is not fully understood or too quickly forgotten, then the online course version of book is the solution for you.

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