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Let Us Be Your Course Architect

How can we possibly make free online course software any better for instructors? How about if we design and build your course for you? For a limited time, we are offering you, the instructors, the option to have us design and build your course for you free of charge. This excludes creating the multi-media content, but for that, we have two other options.

Option 1:
You Provide the Multi-media content

If you have either videos or a PowerPoint presentation, we will design and build your course for you. This includes:

  • course setup
  • graphic design / all images
  • marketing text
  • creation of each lesson which may include todo lists, resources, keypoints, terms and definitions, discussion questions, assignments, and quiz.

For a limited time, we are offering this as a free service!

Option 2:
You Provide the Audio but need the slides created

If this will be an audio course supported by slides (using our multi-media presenter tool) and you have all the digital audio files, then we will create the course from those files. This includes all the services of option 1.

The slides will be created with a mixture of text and images.

The cost for this service is $150 per hour of audio.

Option 3:
You Provide slides but need human narration

If you have is the slides and the text to the slides, and don't want to use the computer narration, we will have the audio professionally narrated for each of your slides.

This service can be combined with option 2.

The cost for this service is $200 per 9000 words of text.

To move forward with any of these services, become a participant in Let's Create Your Course. Or, you can always contact us first with any questions.

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