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How It Works

Here’s the deal: This is a FREE service offered to authors. There’s NO registration fee, NO hosting fees and NO data fees.  We’ll take care of all of the administration for you so that you can focus on what you do best, writing. In exchange, we keep 35% of all enrollment fees (we pay the publisher 10% if they’re involved, as well as all card/Paypal fees), and you keep 65% which can be shared with instructors for your course.

Sounds good? Get started in only five steps. If you need more support register for the free course: “How to Create a Course Using BooksToCourses.com” and see what your course may look like.


Create Your Course ID

Click the | CREATE A COURSE | link in the top menu, then choose a course URL.


Complete the Information in the Course Setup Page

Once you create your course ID, you will be given a link to your course. Once in your course, click the |  Set Up Course | link under the |  INSTRUCTOR TOOLS | menu. Follow the onscreen instructions.


Create Your Lessons

In your course, click the |  Edit / Create Lessons | link under the |  INSTRUCTOR TOOLS | menu. Follow the onscreen instructions.

You have several content delivery options, depending on your talents and resources. These range from full-motion video to annotated audio, with you (the instructor) walking the students through the content. For full details, see our page on Planning Your Course.


Submit Your Course for Approval

Once you feel your course is ready to go live, click the |  Set Up Course | link again under the |  INSTRUCTOR TOOLS | menu. Check the box to submit your course for approval, and click the "Configure" button at the bottom of the page.



Once you have heard from us that your course has been approved and linked to the BooksToCourses.com website, start promoting your new course!

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