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Course Introduction

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Lesson Introduction

Have you been promised success if you follow a few quick and dirty “rules” or “secrets” of success? Are you tired of irrelevant analogies that do nothing for you but make you feel inadequate? Have you had enough of highly metaphysical concepts and not enough practical solutions? Have you had your fill of grossly exaggerated claims that try to trick you into thinking success is easy? Are you all “affirmationed” out? You are not alone.

Think of success as a game of chance in which you have control over the odds. As you begin to master concepts in personal achievement, you are increasing your odds of achieving success. Year To Success is a full year course in success, designed to be a practical guide to achieving your definition of success. Each day of this course will, through practical application, increase your odds of achieving success. It has been said that one line of wisdom can change your life more than volumes of books. Imagine what hundreds of pages of wisdom can do.

Lesson To Do List

Proceed to each section below. Click on the header bar to expand the section and follow the instructions in that section. Once complete, click on each item that you have completed.

Purchase a copy of Year To Success in ebook, paperback, or audio format (optional)
Read the lesson text below OR watch the lesson presentation (audio). You might want to watch the lesson presentation and follow along as you read the pages in the "Enrolled Student Only Lesson Resources" section
Review the key points
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Lesson Resources

Optional: Purchase a copy of Year To Success. You can get a copy in ebook format from all major online retailers, including the eBookIt.com bookstore, or you can purchase the audiobook at Amazon, iTunes, or Audible.com.

eBook at eBookit.com: https://www.ebookit.com/books/0000000001/Year-To-Success.html

Audiobook at Audible.com: http://www.audible.com/pd/Self-Development/Year-to-Success-Audiobook/B007O03WGS

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Lesson Key Points

Year To Success is perhaps the most complete book on success ever written. It uses my “formula” for success: education + inspiration + action = success.
This book can be read from cover to cover, or by jumping around from topic to topic, depending on what interests you most on a particular day.
My success biographies focus on the positive contributions the person made to the world, not their faults. Get inspiration from how they mastered principles of success, and leave the dirt behind.

Lesson Assignments

Assignment #1:

This assignment is for students with the instructor-evaluated course option.

In 1-2 paragraphs, tell me a little about yourself. What are you hoping to get from this course? Alternatively, use the video recorder and record your introduction.
Assignment #2Take a minute to answer at least one of the following questions in the discussion section below:

What was the most important thing you learned in this lesson?

What question do you have about this lesson?

How would you sum up this lesson in one sentence?

Then, respond to/comment on at least one student's post. Comment on a post that has no comments yet, if possible.

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    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Week 1
    #4: Inspiration from Henry Ford
    #5: General Life Purpose
    Section 3: Week 2
    #7: Using Humor Effectively
    #8: Perseverance, Persistence and Determination
    #9: Inspiration from Benjamin Franklin
    #10: Specific Purpose
    #11: The Power of Choice
    Section 4: Week 3
    #12: Making Excuses
    #14: Inspiration from Bill Gates
    #15: Avoid Exaggeration
    #16: Remembering Numbers
    Section 5: Week 4
    #17: The Words You Use Make All the Difference
    #18: You ARE a Salesperson
    #19: Inspiration from Donald Trump
    #20: Time Mastery: Part 1
    #21: Time Mastery: Part 2
    Section 6: Week 5
    #22: Separating Performance from Performer
    #23: The Subconscious Mind
    #24: Inspiration from Oprah Winfrey
    #26: What Do You Want?
    Section 7: Week 6
    #27: Think HUGE
    #28: Responding vs. Reacting
    #29: Inspiration from George Burns
    #31: Fitness Basics
    Section 8: Week 7
    #32: Livin’ the High Life
    #33: Failure is the Seed to Success
    #34: Inspiration from J.K. Rowling
    #35: Write it Down!
    #36: Analogies, Similes, and Anecdotes
    Section 9: Week 8
    #37: Customer Service
    #39: Inspiration from Jack LaLanne
    #40: Trying New Things
    Section 10: Week 9
    #42: Create a Win-Win Situation
    #43: Project a Positive Personality
    #44: Inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger
    #46: Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    Section 11: Week 10
    #47: Building Another’s Esteem
    #48: Success is a Lifestyle
    #49: Inspiration from Helen Keller
    #50: Create a Stressless Lifestyle
    #51: Your Dream Collage
    Section 12: Week 11
    #52: Today is a New Day
    #53: Baby Steps
    #54: Inspiration from Thomas Edison
    #55: Luck
    #56: Why Aren’t You Rich?
    Section 13: Week 12
    #57: Going the Extra Mile
    #58: Thank God It’s Any Day
    #59: Inspiration from Abraham Lincoln
    #60: The Law of Diminishing Returns
    #61: Getting Better Every Day
    Section 14: Week 13
    #62: Read or Listen to Motivational/Educational Material
    #63: Brighten Up, Sunshine!
    #64: Inspiration from Sam Walton
    #65: Carrot or the Stick?
    #66: Introduction to Goals
    Section 15: Week 14
    #67: How To Set Goals
    #68: Achieving Your Goals
    #69: Inspiration from Eleanor Roosevelt
    #70: Advertising, Marketing, and Sales
    #71: Is It Right To Make So Much Money?
    Section 16: Week 15
    #72: The Power of Belief
    #73: The Money Machine
    #74: Inspiration from John F. Kennedy
    #75: Taking Risks
    #76: Everyone has 24 Hours in a Day
    Section 17: Week 16
    #77: The “Good Ol’ Days”
    #78: Financial Freedom
    #79: Inspiration from Albert Einstein
    #80: Business Systems
    #81: An Extra Hour a Day
    Section 18: Week 17
    #82: Having It All
    #83: Accepting Criticism
    #84: Inspiration from Sir Winston Churchill
    #85: Dealing with Peer Pressure
    #86: Ideas for Wealth
    Section 19: Week 18
    #87: Using Questions Effectively
    #88: Avoid Criticizing and Complaining
    #89: Inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld
    #90: Get a Job?
    #91: Learning to Fish
    Section 20: Week 19
    #92: Dependability
    #93: The Subject of Money
    #94: Inspiration from Warren Buffet
    #95: A Better Way To Save
    #96: How To Get a Raise
    Section 21: Week 20
    #97: Integrity
    #98: Knowledge Is Only Potential Power
    #99: Inspiration from George Foreman
    #100: Power of Networking
    #101: Welcome Frustration
    Section 22: Week 21
    #102: Express Sincere Interest in Others
    #103: Always Look for Opportunity
    #104: Inspiration from Ray Kroc
    #105: The Use and Misuse of Pronouns in the Workplace
    #106: Success is Health
    Section 23: Week 22
    #107: Let it Go
    #108: Never Be Wrong Again
    #109: Inspiration from Walt Disney
    #110: Let’s Make $1,000,000.00
    #111: Intuition
    Section 24: Week 23
    #112: How To Lose a JOB in 10 Days
    #113: The “All Things In Moderation” Myth
    #114: Inspiration from Mary Kay Ash
    #115: What ELSE Can I Do?
    #116: Good Things About a Bad Economy
    Section 25: Week 24
    #117: Learn How to Say NO
    #118: Smile
    #119: Inspiration from Andrew Carnegie
    #120: Taking Advice
    #121: Avoiding Arguments
    Section 26: Week 25
    #122: Winning Others To Your Way of Thinking
    #123: Should You Commit?
    #124: Inspiration from John D. Rockefeller
    #125: It’s Not Always About Trying Harder
    #126: Ease of Doing Business
    Section 27: Week 26
    #127: Be Flexible
    #128: Using Practical Knowledge To Get the Job
    #129: Inspiration from J.P. Morgan
    #130: Happiness: Part 1
    #131: Happiness: Part 2
    Section 28: Week 27
    #132: When To Live
    #133: Avoid Offending Others
    #134: Inspiration from Debbi Fields Rose
    #135: Using Negative Words
    #136: Building Rapport
    Section 29: Week 28
    #137: Avoid Lying
    #138: Creative Negotiation
    #139: Inspiration from Steve Jobs
    #140: Recognition
    #141: Being Popular
    Section 30: Week 29
    #142: Hostile E-mails
    #143: Just Ask
    #144: Inspiration from Charles R. Schwab
    #145: Fear of Rejection
    #146: Do It Yourself?
    Section 31: Week 30
    #147: Random Acts of Kindness
    #148: Be a Trend Spotter
    #149: Inspiration from Ralph Lauren
    #150: Show Respect for the Opinions of Others
    #151: View Life from a Different Perspective
    Section 32: Week 31
    #152: The Importance of a Good Vocabulary
    #153: The Importance of Good Grammar
    #154: Inspiration from Dale Carnegie
    #155: Dealing with Spam: Part 1
    #156: Dealing with Spam: Part 2
    Section 33: Week 32
    #157: Solving Business Problems
    #158: The Word “But”
    #159: Inspiration from Sir Richard Branson
    #160: Three Rejections = Success
    #161: Preventing Worry
    Section 34: Week 33
    #162: Eliminating Worry
    #163: Key Contacts
    #164: Inspiration from John H. Johnson
    #165: Using the Web
    #166: Spend Less Than You Earn
    Section 35: Week 34
    #167: Self-Sabotage
    #168: Are You Buying or Selling?
    #169: Inspiration from Fred Smith
    #170: Mastermind Alliance
    #171: Multiple Streams of Income
    Section 36: Week 35
    #172: Success is Learning
    #173: Inspire Others
    #174: Inspiration from Jim Henson
    #175: Having Power
    #176: Incentive Partnership
    Section 37: Week 36
    #177: Control the Conversational Climate
    #178: Having the Edge
    #179: Inspiration from Michael Bloomberg
    #180: Reality is Perception
    #181: Active Listening
    Section 38: Week 37
    #182: Sell It To Yourself First
    #183: Self-Discipline
    #184: Inspiration from Steve Martin
    #185: A Quick Guide to Public Speaking
    #186: Getting to YES
    Section 39: Week 38
    #187: Follow Through
    #188: Under the Wing of a Millionaire
    #189: Inspiration from J. Willard Marriott
    #190: Competition is Good
    #191: Sell Solutions
    Section 40: Week 39
    #192: Three Seconds: The First Impression
    #193: Rewards and Contributions
    #194: Inspiration from George Lucas
    #195: Facing Your Weaknesses
    #196: The Art of Praise and Compliment
    Section 41: Week 40
    #197: Finding Balance
    #198: Contentment
    #199: Inspiration from Marc Andreessen
    #200: Making Successful Decisions
    #201: Sacrifice
    Section 42: Week 41
    #202: Experience
    #203: Keep an Open Mind
    #204: Inspiration from Madam C.J. Walker
    #205: Does Money Change People?
    #206: Sell Yourself First
    Section 43: Week 42
    #207: Trust
    #208: Teamwork
    #209: Inspiration from Jackie Chan
    #210: Articulation
    #211: Patience
    Section 44: Week 43
    #212: Being Your Best
    #213: Make the Best of a Bad Situation
    #214: Inspiration from Michael Dell
    #215: Little Courtesies
    #216: Priorities and Procrastination
    Section 45: Week 44
    #217: The Squeaky Wheel
    #218: Create a Successful Website
    #219: Inspiration from Arthur M. Blank
    #220: Dealing with Difficult People
    #221: Reading Body Language
    Section 46: Week 45
    #222: Resolutions
    #223: The Martial Arts
    #224: Inspiration from Dave Thomas
    #225: The Referral
    #226: Hope
    Section 47: Week 46
    #227: Dare To Be Different
    #228: Building the Perfect You
    #229: Inspiration from Bruce Jenner
    #230: Modesty and Self-Promotion
    #231: Six Words To Successful Communication
    Section 48: Week 47
    #232: Believe in Yourself
    #233: Help Others Discover Their Own Gifts
    #234: Inspiration from Jeffrey P. Bezos
    #235: Words of Wisdom: Part I
    #236: Words of Wisdom: Part II
    Section 49: Week 48
    #237: Words of Wisdom: Part III
    #238: Importance of Customer Feedback
    #239: Inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    #240: Don’t Be a “One-Upper”
    #241: Meeting People
    Section 50: Week 49
    #242: The Proposal
    #243: The Sales Roadblock
    #244: Inspiration from Fred Deluca
    #245: Initiative
    #246: Think One Step Ahead
    Section 51: Week 50
    #247: Be a Mentor
    #248: Vision
    #249: Inspiration from Alexander Graham Bell
    #250: Reading People
    #251: Finding Good People
    Section 52: Week 51
    #252: Three Questions to Diplomacy
    #253: Recognize the Dead End
    #254: Inspiration from Christopher Reeve
    #255: How to Handle Mistakes
    #256: Fulfill a Need
    Section 53: Week 52
    #257: Make a Lasting Impression
    #258: How Marketable Are You?
    #259: Inspiration from Bo Bennett
    #260: Job Security
    #261: Credit the Other Person for the Idea
    #262: Position Yourself for Success
    #263: Closing Advice

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    1) Year to Success promises success with a few easy-to-learn secrets.
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    2) The formula used in this book is
    a) education + perspiration + action = success
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    d) education + inspiration + relaxation = success
    3) You must complete all the lessons/days in order.
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    4) Bo hesitated writing this book because
    a) he wanted to be confident his success was not due to dumb luck (i.e., he had to test is theories)
    b) he did not learn to write until age 29
    c) he was too busy making money
    d) he was threatened by a secret underground group of successful people who did not want their secrets exposed
    5) When it comes to religion, Year To Success
    a) goes to church every Sunday
    b) covers the subject in great detail
    c) supports Scientology
    d) avoids the topic—success can be achieve by people of all religions and no religions
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